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Can You Guess What it Is?

It’s not beauty, talent, or even smarts.
It’s Happiness. Happy and highly fulfilled people
make about $750,000 more in their lifetime than
unhappy people. They also live 7 to 9 years longer
and are more likely to find lasting love.

Deeper Happiness CDs

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But Is Happiness Something that Can Really Be Learned?

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” In fact, some methods that take just a couple of minutes a day increase your happiness more than if you suddenly doubled your income! It’s hard to believe, but your level of happiness can be dramatically increased if you know the right secrets.

So What Are the Secrets???

The first secret is to use methods that have been proven to increase your level of happiness, and to stop wasting so much energy on what doesn’t work. Studies show that having more money, beauty, or education have almost no effect on your level of well-being. On the other hand, several simple methods (that take under 2 minutes a day) have been shown to work amazingly well.

Okay, Tell Me! What Are Those Methods??

Most of the methods and ideas that can quickly make you happier take a few minutes to properly explain. But here’s a simple example. Happy people tend to schedule time for the things they most like to do. That’s a simple idea, but a lot of people don’t actually schedule their favorite activities, so they miss out on doing them regularly.

To teach people the most powerful methods that have been shown to make people happier, I created a 7-hour audio course called, “Deeper Happiness: One Month to a Lifetime of Greater Fulfillment.” In the course, I teach all of the most effective, simplest and quickest ways to dramatically increase your level of fulfillment. And, as I said before, increasing your happiness has many side benefits–like greater wealth, health, and even greater satisfaction in your relationships.

So How Does the Program Work?

When you buy the course as 6 CDs mailed to you, or as a download over the web, you get 30 sessions–each about 15 minutes long. In each session, you’ll hear me share fun and informative stories about how to be happier, more peaceful, and even more loving. Then, I reveal a simple method geared to help you turn that day into a fulfilling adventure. So, by the time you get to work, you’ll be armed with a secret method to make your day happier and even more productive. By trying out a bunch of methods, you’ll soon see which ones really rock your world. Before you know it, you’ll know powerful and effective ways to:

  • Quickly overcome negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, and fear
  • Increase positive feelings such as gratitude, peace, joy, and deep appreciation
  • Bring more caring and fun into your friendships and/or intimate relationship
  • Create magical moments of connection, happiness, and adventure–no matter what’s happening in your life
  • Go from stressed out to blissed out in under two minutes using an amazingly effective meditation technique

I know these claims may be hard to believe. After all, we’ve all read books that tell us good ideas, but you’ve likely found it hard to act on those ideas. Fortunately, this program is unique. You simply listen to one 15-minute session a day (perhaps while you drive to work), and I coach you on how to use an amazing method during your upcoming day. Most of the methods take under 2 minutes to do–so you may be stunned at how effective they are. As you create day after day of more positive emotions and less negative emotions, you will naturally attract more health, wealth, and childlike joy.

You Will Become Happier. I Absolutely Guarantee It!

I put my money where my mouth is. If you try this program and you feel your level of happiness hasn’t significantly increased, I will refund all your money–no questions asked.

So, you have a choice. You can keep doing what you’ve done before–chasing happiness through efforts that don’t work all that well, OR you can learn simple, quick and powerful ways to be happier and create better relationships that have been proven to work. Even if you’re already pretty happy, my “Deeper Happiness” program will make you that much more fulfilled. Don’t delay…you have nothing to lose and more to gain than you might imagine. Here is what some satisfied customers say:

“…your course completely changed my life! I’ve been a self-help junkie, but I never knew how to take all those insights and use them in my daily life. Your course helped me to make small changes each day–and those small changes added up into a huge difference in my level of fulfillment.”
Dan Friedrich, Charlotte, N.C.
“Wow! I’ve been a fan of positive psychology for awhile, but never found a way to use its various methods. Your program was a simple, fun and powerful way to incorporate its ideas and tools into my busy schedule”.”
Mary Casso, New York City
“I loved the stories you told. They were funny and inspiring. Yet, it was the methods that really rocked my world. I was skeptical that techniques that take two minutes a day could be so effective–but they really were.”
Bob Corey, Seattle, WA
“My husband didn’t know I was listening to your course, but yesterday he asked me, “Why are you so happy lately? You seem like a different woman.” Now he wants to listen to your program…”
Mariah Rodrigues, Las Vegas

In the Deeper Happiness Course You Will Receive:

  • 30 Sessions of inspiring stories and methods—1 for each day of the month
  • Reminder Cards to help you remember the simple methods for each day
  • A list of little-known inspiring movies and books that can help keep you motivated on your journey to deeper happiness
  • A simple way to keep track of the methods that you most enjoyed, as well as a way to track how much your happiness increases

Deeper Happiness CDs


The entire course, along with bonus material and 30 reminder cards sells for $149.00. Yet, I am offering, for a very limited time, a special introductory price of just $77, plus $2.99 US shipping. That’s almost half off—but this price won’t last for long. In addition, 10% of the profits from your purchase are split amongst The American Red Cross, World Vision (feeding hungry children), and the ASPCA (helping abused animals).

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Retail: $14900

Limited time: $77
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As an alternative, you can receive the entire audio course, along with the Reminder Cards (as a PDF file) as a download.
The cost is $54

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Either way you buy it, your lifetime satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back!
Don’t delay. Now is the time to decide if you want to know the best, most effective ways to be even happier…and help make all your life a wonderful adventure…
10% of the profits from your purchase are split amongst 3 charities. Those charities are: The American Red Cross, World Vision (feeding hungry children), and the ASPCA (helping abused animals). Thank you for investing in your own happiness while simultaneously supporting these charities.