Privacy Policy

At, we are very concerned with protecting the privacy of every customer and subscriber.

Free Products

From time to time, we offer our visitors and regular customers a chance to download free products for their personal growth and desire to find true happiness. Many of the free products are sent in digital form. We do require your email address, and we do add it to our email address book. We do that so we can send you digital downloads and provide you with informative updates and exciting new offers.
If you are ordering audio products on CDs or some other items that cannot be, or you do not want to be, delivered electronically, we need your physical mailing address. We may also need certain other private information such as your telephone number to confirm a delivery address.
In keeping with our pledge to not compromise your privacy, your private information is never sold to any outside company or shared with any affiliates.

Buying Products

When you decide to make a purchase, you can pay for it with a credit card or another form of electronic funds transfer. Sensitive financial data like your credit card or checking account number is protected with encrypted technology provided by Paypal.


Certain information is stored on your browser to help optimize your browsing experience on our site. Images and information load faster by using this stored data to open new windows or navigate around our site.

General Information

In order to monitor the usage and effectiveness of our website, we gather some non-specific user information to compile statistics such as the number of visitors to our site and the most popular parts of the site.

Keeping Your Information Secure

Despite the most diligent of efforts, it is not possible for anyone to guarantee that your privacy will never be compromised. While the possibility that any of your shared information will ever be accessed by unauthorized parties is extremely small, we cannot warrant that it will never happen. If your information is compromised while using our site, we will not be held responsible for its unauthorized use or misuse. By using this site or sharing information on this site, you are agreeing to hold us free from any claims of liability.