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person trying to find happiness through increased money and control

There are two basic approaches for finding happiness. The first approach I call the “more money and control” method. In this approach, you aim to get greater control over the people, the situations and the environment you’re in. That way, you can supposedly make things be the way that pleases you. Our culture teaches us that this is the best way to find happiness in life. There is only one problem with this approach—it doesn’t work very well. The people with the most control and money (think Donald Trump) are not any happier than the rest of us. Yet, if you live in a cult (cult-ure) that teaches you that more money and control is the way to find happiness, you may end up wasting a lot of time pursuing this approach.

How to Find Happiness In Yourself

Smiling woman learned how to find happiness within herself I call it the “Inner Technology” method. In this approach, you learn simple, powerful “inner” methods that can immediately help you to find happiness within, as well as tools to help fill your life with more love, meaning, and purpose. In this approach, you work to change what’s between your own ears—rather than try to change the entire world. Although this way of finding happiness is much more effective than the “more money and control” tactic, not many people know of these practical tools for how to find happiness.

So, if you’re tired of using the “money and control” method, or if you’ve been disappointed by the results of pursuing that path, you’ve come to the right place. Your next step for learning how to find happiness in yourself is to try out a few of these great “inner” methods. That way, you can find out which one(s) work the best for you. Most of the fifty or so methods I know of to help you find happiness within can be done in under two minutes a day. Once you find something that works for you, your life will be forever altered and improved.

How to Find Happiness in One Minute a Day

The best metMan taking time from working to find happiness in the momenthods for finding happiness can be done in the middle of daily life—preferably in under a minute. Recently I got an email from a woman named Susan who said that the first method in my Deeper Happiness Course saved her marriage. Briefly, the technique is to ask yourself a simple question anytime you encounter something you don’t like—such as a traffic jam, a problem at work, or a mate that is argumentative. The question is, “What could be good about this?” Well, Susan now asks that question a couple of times each day, and does her best to come up with an answer—even if she doesn’t believe the answer she comes up with. She reported to me that, “I notice at the end of each day that I’m more relaxed and amused rather than uptight and angry. Since I’m coming home in a better mood, things have gone much better with my husband. Now I use this method almost every day to keep me from falling into emotional holes. I’m amazed at how simple it is, and yet how effective it is.”

Woman learning ideas about how to find happinesssSo if you want to find happiness within yourself, explore methods that are practical and can really work for you. You can learn more about the method Susan used to save her marriage (as well as other methods) by downloading 3 brief and entertaining audios from my Deeper Happiness course. These downloads are absolutely free. Download the first lecture, “How to Find Happiness in One Minute a Day” now!