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Being Present

Woman running with scarf demonstrating how to be presentThe ability to have presence of mind whenever you want or need it is, in my opinion, the greatest ability a person can learn.  Being present is not easy.  We all have a constant stream of stories going on in our head that keep us from really being present.  Yet, when we can step out of our stories and simply allow ourselves to be here now—fully and completely—it’s like stepping into a whole other world.  When we have presence of mind or body, we feel totally peaceful and at ease. We are more open to seeing what course of action is best for everyone.  We feel good, and from our relaxed presence of mind, we can better act in the world.

How Being Present Can Be Learned

Smiling woman sitting in grass being presentBeing present is not something that you “do”—it’s really our natural state once we let go of all the internal obstacles in the way. There are many methods that can help a person learn to let go of their stories and other obstacles that interfere with being present. One easy and powerful way to let go of any thought pattern, story, or belief, keeping you from presence, is to ask yourself two simple questions. The first question is, “Could I allow myself to welcome whatever I’m currently experiencing?” Normally we resist “negative” things, but whatever you resist—persists. By fully welcoming a feeling or thought pattern, it instantly helps to make it more likely to flow right through you—like clouds passing through an open sky.

The second question that can lead to presence of mind is, “Could I allow myself to let go of this (story, thought, etc.) just for right now?” Since “right now” is all that exists, if you can learn to let things go “just for right now,” you will transform your life. A client of mine, named Robert, recently told me that these two questions have completely rocked his world. He excitedly told me that, “Being present was something I used to experience about once a year; now it’s about once an hour!”

Woman being present lying in the snowThese questions can work with big or little things. Just now I noticed I was feeling anxious about completing this essay in time for when I have a date with my wife. So I simply welcomed my anxiety. I imagined welcoming it like I might welcome an old friend, noticing exactly how it felt in my body—without resisting it in any way. After a few seconds, it started to feel different. Then I asked the second question, “Could I allow myself to let go of this anxiety just for now?” Instead of answering intellectually, I could feel my body answer for me as I took a big yawn and fully relaxed. I was no longer anxious. Instead, I was fully present. It felt great. From this presence of mind, it was easy to complete the article before my dinner date.

If you want to learn about more ways for being present, or if you want to know cutting edge ways to feel more peaceful and happy in daily life, I have a suggestion for you. I recently created a home study course called: “Deeper Happiness: One Month to a Lifetime of Greater Fulfillment.” In this course, I teach a variety of methods that can immediately Happy woman being present holding balloonshelp a person experience more presence of mind, more peace, and more happiness. Once you find a method or two that really works for you, your life will be forever improved and more peaceful. I even offer you to try out the program for free by downloading an audio that describes three powerful methods from the course.